Upcoming Online Workshops 

FROM SEED TO SKETCH $60, 4 sessions

Saturdays May 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, at 6pm-8pm CST


Thursdays May 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th 6pm-8pm CST


Week 1: Ideation/Pitch

Week 2: First Draft

Week 3: Break the First Draft 

Week 4: Finished* Draft


We’ll have virtual sessions for conversation, questions and to test material. You are invited but not required to come to those, if you’re not feeling up to those I can note you separately, though I will say in the past the group’s input is such an incredible part of the process (even through computer screens:-) This will provide structure and clear goals/deadlines without being overwhelming. Leave with a piece that you’ve had to sit with and some tools to use again and again. 



Sundays May 10th & 17th 4pm-6pm CST


Bring what you have, we’ll put it up and talk about it. If you have nothing, we’ll give you some space and starting points and play around with wild possibilities. You’ll get feedback from myself and the group in a supportive atmosphere as well as potential ideas to go away and play with. You’ll have a week to create new stuff which will push the feeling of pressure in a low pressure situation and then we’ll discuss prep and any other questions you might have.


you can contact her here or at her e-mail: andel.sudik@gmail.com 

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