Climate Corp                                  Tiny Scientist

Vanity Fair                                      Annoying Bra                                                                                                               Sprint                                              Workaholic          Pete Meyer

LasVegas.Com                                 Principal             Bob Balaban

Sears Auto Care                              Principal             Jeff Haddock

Comedy Central News                     Correspondent    C.C. Netherlands

Total Chaos/Pilot                            Lead                    Tony Oliver



Live! Network! Showcase!                 Creator               The Public House                                                                          

The Good, the bad, and the 95           Ensemble             La Jolla Playhouse

We're All in this Room Together      Actor/Writer       The Second City etc

Screw The Planet, Save the Oil        Actor/Writer       Boom Chicago

Yankee Come Back                          Actor/Writer        Boom Chicago

Second City does Arizona                Ensemble             ATC

Pride and Porkopolis                        Ensemble            Cincinnati  Playhouse

Scooby Doo Meets...                         Velma                  Argos Agency

Second City Tourco                          Ensemble            Mostly Arkansas

Imagination Theater                         Ensemble           Steve Leaver


VOICE OVER                                                                                 

Groupon                                           Woman                                                                                                                 Happy Cow                                                  Destynee/Kirsten Real Cali Milk 



Obits(Annoyance), Chaos Theory(iO) musical improv with Baby Wants Candy(Apollo Theater) and The Deltones(iO West and Chi), My Naked Friends(Jimmy Carrane), The Jam at iO chicago, The Fling Playground ensemble, Teenage Carthrobs One Group Mind ensemble, Heineken Late Night in Amsterdam. Please contact for other fantastically named groups she was a part of(All time favorite? Ladies of Size.)

Teaching and Coaching

The New Movement NOLA, The Improv Shop(St. Louis), Olli, Northwestern, U of C Law School, UEI Discussion, LEAD Booth School of Business, OoB Festival, Austin, Texas, The Nest(Columbus), Shr*ll at Annoyance

Thy Neighbor's Goat, Bucharest, Romania

Lower the Tone, Dublin, Ireland

Wonder Frog, Belfast, N Ireland

Monkey Business, Madison, Wisconsin

The Improv Retreat, The Perlman Retreat Center, Wisconsin

The Revival(Hyde Park) 

The Second City Training Center; Teen and Youth, Advanced, Conservatory, A-E, HDR, and Improv for Anxiety programs, Coached Ensemble, Sketch Cast

ASM(After School Matter) improv for HS students on Chicago's southside

Boom Chicago-Corporate workshops in The Netherlands, London etc 

Guest direct/coach for Chicago ensembles (Henrik&George, Nectar, Sexually Incompetent, Strawberry, Spooky Dookie, Jake&Michelle, DeepSea Swimwear)

Second City TourCo-Director




Height: 5'1"

Weight: 120lb.

Hair: totally natural blondee 

Eyes: Hazel 



Idiot Workshop, Adv. Scene Study & Contempory Monologue: Kurt Naebig 

On Camera 2: Janelle Snow

Physical Theater: Neo-futurists

iO Chicago, Second City L.A.: improvisation all levels completed 

The Green Room: On Camera

On Camera Wrkshp: Matt Miller


Improvisation, Softball, Swimming, flexible, Pratfalls/Physical Comedy, Good with Children, vague dance and movement, accents, roller blades, can play two songs on the following instruments: light up keyboard, melodica, banjo, toy accordian, bass guitar

2010 - present

2010 - present