Great art asks questions. It creates an atmosphere for conversation, allows for passionate discourse while elevating curiosity and surprising us all along the way. Anděl fosters a community of creation, collaboration and questioning, creating connection and joy across expectation.


Anděl’s deep well of performance experience makes her perspective unique as a director and teacher. Her hands on and in depth work within the disciplines of long form improvisation, sketch comedy and theater make her a thoroughly well-rounded and open minded conduit for art, creation, polish and playfulness. Her travel and work in different cities and countries in the US and around the world has allowed her soak in and seek out other perspectives.


She values time efficiency and recognizes that the most powerful thing we bring to the table is us. Whatever we are.


Directing Experience

Second City Touring Company                              National Tour 

The Second City’s Nut-cracking Holiday Revue     Metropolis Performing Arts

Holidazed and Confused                                        Cincinnati Playhouse

Queer Little Hamster                                           Chris Farley Theater

Lady o Sol                                                             SCTC Beat Lounge

Henrik + George                                                   SCTC De Matt Theater

Razzle Dazzle                                                      The Annoyance Theater

The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire                   iO Chris Farley Cabaret

: An Imax Experience

Big Beautiful Disaster                                         SCTC Beat Lounge

Second City at Sea                                              SC Theatricals 

Fast Loud Funny                                                   Up Theater

Hits Home                                                            Second City Touring Co

Free Speech                                                         Second City Touring Co