Anděl Sudik is a director, improviser, actor and writer based in L.A. and Chicago. She considers herself proactively pessimistic and infused all her work-no matter how abstract- with organic honesty and emotional grounding.

She is an alum of Boom Chicago in Amsterdam and the Second City ETC in Chicago and has performed all across the United States and Europe(for full acting, teaching and directing resumes see- Resumes/CV page.)

Anděl’s deep well of performance experience and her hands on, in depth work within the disciplines of long form improvisation, short form, sketch and theater make her a thoroughly well-rounded and open minded conduit for art, creation, polish and playfulness. 

Great art asks questions. It creates an atmosphere for conversation, allows for passionate discourse while elevating curiosity and surprising us all along the way. Anděl fosters a community of creation, collaboration and questioning, creating connection and joy across expectation.

She values time efficiency, and recognizes that the most powerful thing we bring to the table is us. Whatever we are. 

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Anděl's Origin Story

(as written in 2014)

Anděl was born a baby in Chicago; land of hot dogs and the Blackhawks*. At the tender age of three her actor father and teacher mother whisked her and her siblings away to Hollywood, California**; land of opportunity and depression. She grew up like any other unassuming child gal; doing theater, playing softball, and quitting instruments until one day she traveled down to the Santa Monica pier and her life was forever changed. For that night she witnessed the Second City alumni...