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Possible Presence and Play: re-Commit (remote)

8 week online bundle. Daily Prompts. Weekly menu items. Two Zooms. Email for more information or to book. Next session starting July.

iO intensives Chicago

In addition to teaching in the 5 week iO intensive, I'm teaching a week long intensive Aug 7-11 "Play the anděl Way." Focused on body, acting and play, I truly can't wait.

Self to Solo July 30&Aug 6 (email for more info)

Los Angeles Classes August! TBD

We'll be bringing it home and teaching some live improv, movement and solo creation workshops. Check back for details (or email)


I'm going to host an old school Salon August 25th. Info tbd.

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Past Events

The first festival casualty of the pandemic rescheduled: 3 gorgeous days of soul affirming workshops and 4 nights of playful and beautiful shows. And a solid amount of jet lag and gelato. Thank you I Bugiardini, your hospitality, talent and pure joy will not be soon forgotten.


Originally billed as a 5 person improvised musical but when 3 drop from covid(don't worry they're ok) you gotta do 2 person, 2 act improvised musicals to ring in the New Year at beautiful Penobscot Theatre in Bangor Maine. In the immortal words of Tim Gunn we "made it work."

Bucharest is basically where it all started for me, it feels like my second improv home and I jump at any chance to go, play and learn from the community of artist there. One month after I finished my year of Care Work I got put together an international supergroup for their National Festival and ask the questions "What risks can I take?" and "What rust have I accumulated?" It was such a growth experience for me and I can't thank the women of Recul enough for letting me play in their playground.


A weekend in Nottingham, playing, teaching and enjoying the company of the incomparable Liam Webber and Katy Schutte. Can't wait to head back for the Robin Hood Festival in September!

What's On: Past Events
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