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Coming Soon...

I am thrilled(terrified) to announce I've begun working on a book based on my "Possible Presence and Play" creativity bundles. Initially and ridiculously planned for a  2023 release I have gone back into editing. Updates will be posted on the Indiegogo and blog. If you'd like to support that work PayPal or Venmo @Andel-Sudik with a quote you love in the subject. And check back for updates. It's quite a scary, wonderful , educational process. Ah life. Ah art. Ah. Ah. Ah. 


Fear as Passenger 

We aim at nonjudgmental not because it is easy or even doable but because it is not. So if you find yourself judging your work or your play; rejoice that you are noticing it, attention is such a powerful thing. 

The way I see it: Fear is my passenger; I sometimes let it play with the radio but I aim never let it drive.

What people are saying:

"Anděl's course felt like doing an improv set even though I was alone in my apartment. I got to explore different facets of my creative self daily and if you wanna be inspired to make stuff and write stuff and also have silly amounts of fun, take her course!"


"This course energized me at times like my first trip to Disneyland when I was a kid."


"This course took me on an unexpected, very fun adventure into my imagination. Through systematic work, Anděl let me in on a part of myself that I am enjoying a lot and maybe I'll be able to share with others someday."

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