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take a walk down memory lane with me, won't you?

"Her character work is an absolute pleasure to watch ... and her timing and instincts are really wonderful to behold. I think the thing I most especially like is the quality of her eyes during it all - an inspiring glint of wonder and madness that all the best artists (and most children) have and cannot hide." -Matt Geiler, Omaha Fest


Anděl Sudik spent 6 days in Sofia teaching and performing improv.

As a performer her wild comedy style is a joy to watch. The characters she creates are funny, unpredictable and at the same time honest and relatable.

Behind her powerful stage presence as a performer, there is a very deep understanding of the fundamentals needed to translate this knowledge to others as a teacher. In her classes, she is fantastic at creating an atmosphere of support and positivity, where individual talent can grow in a group setting. 

The classes were fun and people in them felt supported. At the same time she is very attentive for the deeper processes that happen with individuals inside the group and manages to pay special attention to unspoken needs.

Zlatin Tsvetkov, ShiZi Improv Theater

Founder, Sofia, Bulgaria

Directing Resume coming soon

“Anděl is one of those artists that is truly fearless. Having her as a director meant being able to bring an idea to the table without fear of judgment, which as a writer is a rare gift. She was always on board to follow the weird and explore ideas. Both personally and professionally she made me feel comfortable and welcome to be myself. She expected the best out of me and wouldn't accept anything less because that's what being a good director means. I can't wait for the chance to work with her again.” George C Owens, H+G, Second City TourCo and Theatricals

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