I met Katy in Austin, TX at OoB a few years ago. She does not remember this which I accept. I then got the joy of re-meeting and playing with her at the Neverending Improv Festival in Bucharest, RO. She is very cool and smart and she was working on a show called Let's Summon Demons so I was hooked. It was amazing to talk to her, learn about how improv/shows work in England and just generally share space. Enjoy. ANDEL SUDIK: How would you like to be described? KATY SCHUTTE: At

Stacey Smith Answers

When most people think of Stacey Smith they think of positivity. Unbridled. And while they're right, when I think of her that's the second thing I think of somehow behind determination and hard. fucking. work. Getting to work with her in Chicago was a masterclass in professionalism and drive. She just got back from the Copenhagen festival which you can tell was a top to bottom magical experience for everyone involved. Stacey tends to do that. AS: How would you like to be desc