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 Online Workshops /shows Jan/Feb
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Creativity Course Bundle “Possible Presence and Play” March 1st-28th (Reserve by Friday Feb 26th to be a part of the fourth round.)

Feel like keeping yourself creative this winter but with ZERO stakes and maximum autonomy? Let’s cultivate a sense of play and practice creativity together…. apart.

(Mssg here or email to reserve your spot or for more information.)

                                                         what people are saying :  

"This course took me on an unexpected, very fun adventure into my imagination. Through systematic work, Andel let me in on a part of myself that I am enjoying a lot and maybe I'll be able to share with others someday."


"This course energized me at times like my first trip to Disneyland when I was a kid."


"Andel's course felt like doing an improv set even though I was alone in my apartment. I got to explore different facets of my creative self daily and if you wanna be inspired to make stuff and write stuff and also have silly amounts of fun, take her course!"

                                                                  what it is:


Each week you’ll get:

-Intro message in your email to set you up

-Optional Daily Prompts(for 5 minute freewrites)

-A menu of playful assignments/activities (writing, improv, video or mindfulness) that you can do on your own

-Mid week tips, tricks and guidance


In addition:

-1 or 2 lowkey optional zoom meetups(halfway through and at the end) to connect, share anything we’ve created and/or talk about our process/life and how it’s going or… not going :)


                                                   Main goal : Explore/Create/Engage

Anything else is gravy and you’ll be able to decide your level of engagement at all times.


(I don’t want price to be a barrier for anyone so if you can’t pay but wanna play just let me know- no questions asked.) Together we’ll discover what works and where we want to take it next. I’ll be offering these as monthly bundles, each month will have a new *Theme,* added extras and the addition of specific projects for those that want more structure. Let’s get through the winter together!