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A Day Trip to Firenze(Florence)

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

A day trip to Florence, which I was told was a very American thing to do. Sometimes I am blessed with a lack of homegrown culture that makes me hungrily seek it out wherever I am. And luckily, on my best days, I don't care what is normal. So I take the very long and silly day trip to Firenze because who knows if I'll ever be back and walk near but by the tourist attractions that are no doubt magnificent but crawling with people.

After a weekend of workshops and shows I took my solo day the way I do-by finding an amazingly open cafe with worktables and spending hours writing emails that are too long, addressing and writing postcards that I had been carrying around just begging to have the time and attention needed to make them connective instead of just a chore to get done... and charging my phone. I believe it was a university cafe because there were a lot of international students bounding down the stairs next to my table. After the luxurious morning of catching up I set out to visit the Pinocchio museum that had caught my eye in a random brochure at the train station. It was closed so I decided I should just send the mail, I could always check back later but on my way wanted to stop at art shop. Also closed(my American timing seems to be activated right at the time when Italians take the afternoon off-they know how to live, they don't have to fit in their errands during a tight lunch break..) So I googled the nearest post office and headed out.

And would you believe, directly across the street was an art supply store that was. Open. So I got my mail sent(with the saintly patience and help of the woman working there. And got some stamps for the road...) Then popped on my headphones and let myself slowly take stock of all the options the store had to offer me. I went for it. Knowing I'd be in a tiny village for the next month I got an assortment of sketchbooks, canvas, a small amount of different types of paints and the most expensive sketch pencils I think I've ever seen. Time will tell if they are USED. And then... back to the Museum just to see... and it was : OPEN!

Oh friends.

I can’t imagine being more charmed by a place. I had it all to myself and the owner was so nice, he gave me a card for ‘the child inside’ and then took the time to show me to a few very cool things, gave me some really interesting history and said they’d only been opened a month. I asked if I could take pictures and he said not only yes but that it was "obbligatorio." Then he let me wander and when I bought a beautiful copy of Pinocchio in Italian on the way out he said that’s how I would learn to speak it for next time and gifted me a book about Florence. So I asked if we could take a picture, duh. #AminIt #Florence #dayoff #totaltourist #hiddengems #kindnessofstrangers

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